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Finally, although a number of 40-plus bachelors with the "right" qualifications may have finally decided to settle down, those with a strong desire for children may prefer to date younger women.

This may be less true of a man widowed or divorced. (Which is a whole 'nother story...) Singles events are a good social outlet, and while they have their share of success stories, they are not the best way to meet a prospective date.

However, it takes someone vocal, like you, to make them aware of the problem and suggest viable solutions.

Have you and the other Jewish women you have seen at church events thought of mobilizing to open the eyes of Jewish leaders?

At this point in life, I think that if I am given the choice of having a good, permanent relationship with a man my own age, versus keeping my Judaism, at this point I would choose the man. What are the chances of a woman my age meeting a Jewish man in his early 40s?

While I don't want to give up on the Jewish community, I don't want to stay single or marry someone who is much older than me simply because he is a nice Jewish guy.

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I want to date men my age, or up to 5 or 6 years older than I am.

I started going to single events sponsored by the local church, because they are much more sensitive to the needs of singles my age.

The book was originally written for a traditional audience, but its analysis and advice is helpful to a wide range of singles.

Many of the most suitable over-40 men (in terms of common goals, functionality, compatible personalities) may be widowed or divorced.

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