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02-Oct-2020 23:39

Everything changed in season 6 of the Biggest Loser: Families.Contestants now competed in duos and each duo then split either into the black team or the blue team.“I slipped back into my old habits real quick,” he told Inside Edition.

In this season the producers smartly decided to judge based on the overall percentage of body weight lost instead of judging by who lost the most pounds.Eric lost a whopping 214 pounds in 2006 when he came in first place on The Biggest Loser.He finished the competition weighing in at 193 pounds.Matt started out with a body mass index (BMI) of 48.6 and finished the show with a BMI of 26.1. Matt ended up marrying the runner-up, Suzy, on the Biggest Loser. They are quite private people and their current weights are unknown. That is still 100 pounds less than his original weight, which is really awesome!

Matt looks like he is trying to eat right and keep a new and improved healthy lifestyle with his wife and family. Not just by losing the pounds but by doing a total transformation into a ripped and good-ooking individual!But in 2016 Ali posted a picture on Facebook teary eyed and admitted that she gained most of her weight back.