Who is tammy torres dating

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Tammy just limps into gear, act after act, it feels like the same joke over and over again.She has been attending meetings at the home, and she is dating one of the men there. She begins to say she has several photographs that will definitively link them to the crimes, but when Chris reminds her she's under oath, she says they will prove nothing.She makes a number of attempts at seducing Ron despite Leslie's great efforts to keep them apart; despite her determination, Diane is not at all threatened by Tammy, but more by Leslie due to the strong friendship she and Ron share.Tammy acts very sexually during the party, leading Ron to ask her to stop for Tom's sake.However, her performance as Tammy is stale and boring.She wears a blue sweater which exposes her belly and tan pants.Tammy is released, but Pearl stays at the jail for possessing illegal prescription drugs.

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She is later seen watching the transmission of the events back on Earth with horror.

He offers to kill Greg for her, though she declines.

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