Who is janine turner dating

07-Nov-2019 05:38

Janine Turner is an American actress, well-known for her roles as Maggie OConnell in the television series "Northern Exposure".

She is the daughter of Janice Loraine and Turner Maurice Gauntt, Jr.

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According to the script, her boyfriend-killed by a space satellite making its re-entry-is reincarnated as a dog. That’s my dad.”) who moves to Alaska to find her strength.

In October, US magazine named her one of the ten sexiest people in America, for heaven’s sake. The actress, who turns 29 this month, is the proverbial overnight success-except that she’s been in the business almost all her life, ever since her mother got her a modeling job at the Dallas Apparel Mart when she was 3 years old.

She’s been an actress since she was 17, when she was cast as Lucy Ewing’s friend on “Dallas”.

Desperate, disillusioned, with only in her pocket, she almost abandoned it all to come home to Texas.

She’d move to Athens, she thought, and work as a waitress.

But instead of boiling, this Southern Baptist girl’s career merely simmered.