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Kate is at the bottom (leftish) and there is a line drawn to Sacha.So either the writers were just playing up the rumors, or we can confirm that it happened.I made myself a reel and sent that off to somebody who I’d known from the Bay area who was on the writing team at , and they passed it on to whoever, and after that I got another call saying, “Can you send us an audition tape? ” DS: They tell you which sides they want you to read, which are in the script, and then you just…act it out. I’ve seen that someone’s agent would set up a little studio area and they would make it, but we just made it in our house. Then they flew me out Wednesday morning, and I actually haven’t been back to New York until last night. A town car came and picked me up at five in the morning, and by the next morning I was doing my first scenes. Actually she has a really sweet side also, as a lot of butches that we know do. I feel like she’s the type who’ll open doors for the femmes, or carry heavy stuff, but also I feel like [she] has a real respect for people on the more feminine side of the spectrum as intellectuals.About two days after I’d wrapped on John’s film, I was back at work. Definitely Jenny Schechter’s character is really brilliant, and that’s what Moira loves in her.We talked to her the day after she returned to the New York apartment she shares with Bitch, following a whirlwind six months on the set of Daniela Sea : For a lot of years I’ve just been concentrating on traveling and writing and music…and about a year and a half ago I started taking my acting seriously.I had studied it when I was younger, at Laney College in Oakland. and I moved to the Bay area, like a good gay kid would.

Basically I just said, OK, I’m an actor, and…it just felt to me, now, that there was a place for a person like me in movies and TV.

It just seems like so much has opened up for queer people, you know? I got called back a few times and I ended up getting the part, and that was great because it was so part of my culture and scene, and it was a good…introduction into the film world, because that’s something I really believed in; I really saw his vision.

He said coverage of the hearing – which would deal with material that "is prejudicial to (Weinstein) and is highly inflammatory" – would serve no purpose but to stir negative public sentiment toward Weinstein.… continue reading »

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