Vietnamese culture for dating

08-Aug-2020 16:12

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The reason for this is that, as stated above, decent Vietnamese girls are not looking for casual encounters with western men.

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Virginity is still highly prized in Vietnam and, whilst things are slowly changing, there are still lots of brides that are virgins up until their wedding night.You don’t need to hit it off immediately and declare your undying love at the end of your first date, but she needs to know that she isn’t wasting her time on someone who simply isn’t capable of providing for a family.If things go well and you start to see each other on a regular basis, be aware that things will not immediately progress to the bedroom.Particularly for women, openly dating a large number of people is often met with disapproval by elders, so most Vietnamese are quick to enter into exclusive relationships, followed by marriage and children at a relatively young age.

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Vietnam's economy is still largely agricultural, so marriage and having children can help increase a family's economic output.

I’m not suggesting that you turn up to your date with your bank statement in hand, these things need to be handled in a subtle manner, but it does need to be done.