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I am completely new to Marcos but due to some great advice in another post on the forum I am trying to get a macro to update links I have in a workbook that is linked to another excel file sat on a network drive but it has a password protection!I have recorded the marco opening the 'edit links' and then clicking update values, I add the password for the excel file the links are reading from and stop the macro.This one sheet can provide a clickable list of your worksheet labels that link directly to their corresponding sheets.This post will demonstrate how to create a Table of Contents (TOC) that updates automatically.'the next Calculate line may be needed depending on the Calculation option you have set for your workbook (if it's set to Manual Calculate), remove the apostrophe if that is the case: 'Calculate xxx. Screen Updating = True End Sub In any event, the apostrophe needs removing from: 'On Error Go To here (my error for leaving it in) The other single line you may need, if updating doesn't happen, is: 'Calculate At the moment it is inoperative.Removal of the apostrophe at the beginning of that line activates it. The one last thing is it comes up with another password box, this time with read only button, when I click read only it works great but is there a way to make the macro do that automatically?

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Table Of Contents Auto Update (39.1 KB)The following file will work with workbooks that contain Chart sheets. Chart sheets are a special type of sheet that only contains a single chart that takes up the entire sheet.When the source workbook and the destination workbook are open on the same computer, links are updated automatically.