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04-Oct-2019 10:31

Now these also take up resources, so can be disabled with the line below. These four different settings mentioned so far to improve macro performance, are all found on the Application object. Select Loop Msg Box "Complete" End Sub Sub Use Variables() Dim Row Num As Long Dim Sales Name As String Row Num = 2 Sales Name = Worksheets("Sheet5"). Whenever a cell being used by a formula is changed, Excel recalculates the entire worksheet.Obviously such actions can slow down your macros, especially if you have many formulas.

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This is in order to help the code to run faster and to eliminate the screen from constantly flashing.

One thing you definitely want to stop doing, is selecting objects to perform operations on them. You can change values, test values and format objects without selecting them first. Now this is one example, and the options available to you will depend what you are doing.

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