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21-Jan-2020 21:46

Coding validation rules in DLLs apart from the rest of the system allows you to update the rules without rebuilding the entire application, but you have to stop the application to replace the DLLs.

In addition, the inherent lack of Type safety in calling DLL methods and having to load them using Load Library and Get Proc Address results in code that is difficult to understand and maintain.. At Brierley & Partners we've developed a set of classes and interfaces to perform data validation in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional C and/or COM components.

The company's 200 professionals are based in Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, and San Francisco. NET reflection and external metadata makes it easy to add data validation to your objects.

Nearly every application that collects data, whether from a Windows- or Web-based form or from a file, needs to validate that the data is in the correct format.

However, doing so requires that you know in advance the name of the method and its signature. NET provides another way to invoke members from an instance: the Type class. Type, the root of all reflection operations, represents a Type inside the system. Type is an abstract base class that allows multiple implementations.

The system will always provide the derived class' Runtime Type.

This allows your application to have a common data representation when communicating between modules.

Internally the modules may perform transformations on the data, but the caller never knows about that transformation. The syntax for interface declarations is similar to that for class declarations.

We'll use XML as the data markup language for building the data validators as well as for passing parameters to the validation routine.

An interface is like a class in which every member is abstract; it can only contain property and method declarations without function bodies.