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23-Jan-2020 07:58

This screenshot shows the insertion panel on the left, the language menubar on top, and the XML area.XML elements are displayed in different ways, depending on what they represent: for instance, an element representing an image is displayed as the image itself.Jaxe can be used as an administrator, to define a configuration file for a given XML language, or as an end user with the administrator's configuration files.Developers can also add Swing components to display elements, or use Jaxe within other applications.Errors in XML documents will stop your XML applications.

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Being one of the leading and advanced level of XML editor, Oxygen XML Editor delivers the most state of the art helpful tool for XML editing and other advanced level of editing tools.

Windows may complain when running because a Java VM will be installed, it may require an administrator privilege before installing.

If you want to install yourself a Java VM, you need at least a Java VM 7.

Essential XML Editor is the name of a lightweight tool for the text-based XML document editing.

There is integration of the XML wellformedness tester, DTD validator and Saxon SXLT processor and much more are also integrated in the Essential XML Editor.

This second example shows Jaxe integrated inside another Java appliation, with custom element displays. If you have enhanced Jaxe (for instance by localising it for another language, or by creating a plugin to edit certain data types), please don't hesitate to make your files available.

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