Validating restaurant service quality dimensions

15-Mar-2020 23:23

validating restaurant service quality dimensions-8

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Recently, as the Korean retail industry is becoming more competitive, there is a general agreement that the most important retailing strategy for creating competitive advantage is the delivery of high service quality.

Also, many global retailers, such as Tesco (British discount store and Wal-Mart (American discount store), are making the Korean retail market even more competitive and therefore, many retail managers are interested in the management of service quality in retail environment.

(4) Assurance, which relates to the knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence.(5) Policy, which captures aspects of service quality that are directly influenced by store policy.Because Dabholkar’s measurement scale was designed specifically for the retail environment, we assume that the Retail Service Quality Scale is a better method to correctly measure the quality of service in a retail environment than the other general scales such as SERVQUAL or SERVPERF.The five dimensions of SERVQUAL are (Parasuraman et al., 1988, 1991): (1) Tangibles, which pertain to the physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials.

(2) Reliability, which refers to the ability to perform the promised services dependably and accurately.INTRODUCTION In the past two decades, many studies of the service marketing area have tried to define service quality and develop instruments to measure it. (1988) introduced the service quality instrument, called SERVQUAL, many studies have used SERVQUAL to measure service quality in various domains, ranging from financial services (Lin, 1999), health services (Dean, 1999), travel agent services (Kaynama, 2000), and retailing services (Mehta, 2000), to restaurants (Lee and Hing 1995).