Two way chat video adult

02-Jun-2020 02:06

They also love games and songs with language, like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Patty-Cake." During the first year, baby should respond to your baby talk by cooing, gurgling, and beginning to babble back.

Accessories are applicable to do video and voice push to talk calls. We are observing interesting trend in two-way radio world.

Since chat is all about communication, sockets are essential.

Socket IO is a cross-browser Javascript library that abstracts the client application from the actual transport protocol.

As you introduce your baby to simple, short words like "cup" and "ball," hold up the object to show that it's related to your speech. Point to the pictures, and name simple objects to reinforce his early speech development and model the importance of language and reading. This will allow your baby to respond with his or her own baby talk and encourage the give-and-take interaction that's needed for adult conversation.

Smile, face your baby, and continue to repeat simple words clearly throughout the day.This will help your baby's growing brain to store the sounds and meanings of words for everyday objects.