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18-Mar-2020 06:19

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We’re 2 months into 2017, but it’s not too late to call some of the hottest trends we expect to see in online dating this year.

Online dating is one of the most dynamic industries in the world.

Using the term “ghosting” helps to cover up the pain of a potential significant other gone MIA and describing yourself as “breadcrumbed” feels a lot less crummy (pun intended) than admitting that the person who’s been super into your online conversations is suddenly being shady about nailing down actual plans IRL. “Essentially, it describes a situation in which people collectively take action that no one likes because they think it’s what everyone else wants and they don’t want to rock the boat.

Dating site Plenty of Fish (POF) recently conducted a survey of 2,000 singles, the results of which give us a sneak peek into the trends you can expect to take over online dating in the year ahead. These trends aren’t exactly the stuff of fairy tales — and conversation expert Celeste Headlee attributes this to the intersection of psychology and social media.

A lot of this posing that people do on social media [and dating apps] is done because people think they need to present an image. Flexting (/fle-ks-t-ing/): Digital boasting to impress a date before meeting IRL.

People imagine what other people want and expect, often incorrectly, and then take action to meet those imaginary expectations.” Whether or not you can buy into the Abilene Paradox as a good explanation for bad dating behavior, we know you’re dying for all the details on these new trends. Flexters strike 47 percent of singles overall, according to POF, and it doesn’t break down evenly across gender lines.

Twitter recently made changes to help users protect themselves from trolls.

Other social media sites had already made attempts to tackle the problem.

The UK version of recently released a web chatbot of its own in a bid to make the sign-up process feel more natural and personable.Companies in other industries have also deployed chatbots, indicating that we may be on the cusp of a new era in communication.We have a thing for giving cutesy names to bad dating behavior. “There is a concept in psychology and sociology called the Abilene Paradox,” Headlee explains.Online dating sites could be next to develop new protections for vulnerable users.

Increased Security Dating services are top targets for hackers.

Close to a third of the singles surveyed by POF admitted to putting off a date with an online prospect “just in case someone better comes along.” It’s one thing to leave things up to fate if you’re not in any rush to get coupled up, but if you’re so interested in pursuing a relationship that you’ve set up an online dating profile, you can’t exactly invoke “serendipity” as an excuse for being cagey with plans. No one wants to be a serendipidater — and no one wants to date one either. Fauxbae’ing (/foh-bey-ing/): Pretending to have a significant other over social media when you’re actually single. (Again, it pains us to feel the need to say this so explicitly.) Frankly, we’re finding this trend extremely confusing.

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