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Love him or hate him, he definitely has one of the most successful records ever in the NFL, garnering the G. That's because just two and a half months after Brady and Bündchen started dating, some shocking (and we mean shocking) news dropped: Moynahan announced that not only was she pregnant, but that the father of the child was Brady. Those days were difficult for Moynahan, who never envisioned herself becoming a single mother. "But when people break up, it's for a reason." Looking back, Bündchen views the whole experience with renewed perspective."Going through that traumatic time of being heartbroken and then being pregnant turned my whole life upside down and inside out and just knocked the wind out of me," she confessed in an interview with . "In the beginning you're living this romantic fantasy; you're thinking, This can't be true, it's so good! " Can you imagine falling head-over-heels in love, then having a bomb like that drop in your lap? Bündchen briefly wondered if she should end their burgeoning romance, and encourage Brady to reunite with his ex. "I think it was a blessing, because otherwise I don't think I would have known what he was made of, and he wouldn't have known what I was made of," she said of Brady. It's evident that Brady wanted to be present in his first son's life.At the time, Moynahan was enjoying a successful film and television career. So was Bündchen the reason that Brady and Moynahan called it quits?She appeared as Rachel in the beloved girls' crew film Brady was also enjoying an incredibly successful career, already bringing home Super Bowl wins for the New England Patriots as their starting quarterback. Chances are Moynahan didn't end it, as she told As if things weren't dramatic enough, with love at first sight for two leaving a third jilted, the biggest curve ball was yet to fly.And Bündchen seemed to confirm those reports when she revealed that they hadn't even met (seriously?) in a 2009 profile in But whatever acrimony and drama may have plagued the relationship between Brady's former and forever love appears to be water under the bridge."I know this was hard, but I couldn't imagine my life without [Jack].I call him my bonus child." Sounds like what started as a super difficult situation for everyone involved matured into an enduring and nurturing friendship. That's because of the overwhelming love Bündchen says she felt for Jack, which made her want to have her own children with Brady sooner than they had originally planned, which was ten years down the road. " It's wonderful seeing such a public display of love from father to son.

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They were also talk of the town when they split in 2006 — but nothing could quite prepare them for what was yet to come.

That's not to say Brady was absent altogether, though. He certainly wasn't holding my hand while I pushed," Moynahan continued.

So he was there in the capacity that he needed to be, in spite of any lingering distance.

Let’s see where his alleged record with the rich, pretty, and famous ranks amongst the all-time greats. Some say they had a brief fling, while he says they just talked.

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Hookup score: 9.0Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire when it comes to these celebrity deals. This one definitely happened (I think) as Tom and the 1997 Playmate of the Year were an item for a brief period of time.

Read on to find out the truth about the relationship between Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan, who are still in each other's lives today, even though the romance is long behind them. A representative for Moynahan told the magazine that they "amicably ended their three-year relationship several weeks ago.

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