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Schwartz, 41, officially renounced the world of dating in July, although his last serious relationship ended in December. I’m far less stressed, I have a greater feeling of self-worth, and all because I said, ‘You know what? Schwartz was an early adopter of online dating, having first used it around 15 years ago. They got married when he was 30 and divorced when he was 35.

Since then, he has been in two relationships that lasted six months and some other, shorter ones.

Jewish people in that age bracket were slightly more likely to be married (6.6 per cent, compared to 6.4 per cent), but were significantly less likely to be living in a common-law relationship (5.3 per cent, compared to 11.9 per cent for non-Jews).

Rabbi Yisroel Bernath of Chabad NDG in Montreal has been setting up Jewish couples for almost 15 years.

In an ideal world, she would hope to be on that track by the time she’s 27 or 28, but recognizes that it will probably take longer than that, at least if she continues putting her career first – which she plans on doing.

Tina’s situation is not unique among young adults, said Libby Bear, who just finished her Ph D thesis, titled Singlehood by Choice or by Necessity, at Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

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And the other reason is that there is a normative change with respect to the institute of marriage,” meaning other, non-marital relationships are becoming legitimized.I can give you some canned answers and generalizations, but I don’t think it’s going to help anyone,” he said.