The bible on dating relationships

10-Dec-2019 18:36

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You will find it harder and harder to not act like you are a husband and wife the longer the dating relationship goes on.This growth is good up to a certain point, but when it goes too far sin occurs.I don’t mean you need to be finished with college, ready to purchase a home, and have the biggest wedding imaginable.I just mean that you are ready to commit to one person and you are ready to learn how to be a biblical wife or husband in a Christ-centered marriage. As a Christian single, this is an important question to ask.However, as we will see in this article, questions regarding what the Bible says about dating are not as straight forward as you might think.In fact, if the relationship stops growing and the two of you are not becoming more intimate (emotionally, not physically), this is a sign that something is wrong.

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I don’t mean that you need to know you want to marry the person you want to date.

Whenever the Bible is silent on a topic, it means God expects Christians to apply what he has said generally and apply those truths to the specific questions we have (James 1:5).