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If this is the case then it is time to get yourself a new pair of optics.In a way this can be quite exciting as you have now a clean slate and can get a pair that is exactly right for your particular needs.Contact Details Opticalia Ltd Website: enquiries [at] Telephone: 023 80455872 Mobile: 07771922243 Postal Address: Opticalia Limited, 1 Mariners Close, Hamble, Hampshire SO31 4PD.Opt Rep specialize in repairing binoculars and many other types of optical equipment including spotting scopes, telescopes and other and ophthalmic instruments.Binocular Buyer & User Guides Birdwatching & Birding Binoculars Astronomy Binocular Guides Hunting Binocular Guides Compact Binoculars Best Monoculars Spotting Scopes Night Vision Binocular Accessories Best Binoculars 2019 Best Binoculars 2018 Best Binoculars 2017 Birdwatching Binoculars Compact Binoculars Binoculars For Astronomy Long Range Binoculars Best Binoculars for the Money Annual Awards Best Rated Binoculars Where to Buy Binoculars Discount Binoculars Compare Binoculars How To Clean Binoculars How To Focus Binoculars Focus Free Binoculars Wide Angle Binoculars Long Eye Relief Binoculars Zoom Binoculars Rangefinder Binoculars Children's Binoculars Types of Binoculars Binocular Repairs Glossary of Optical Terms I often get sent questions about peoples optics and one of the most common is "where can I get my binoculars repaired." So I thought I thought that I would put together a page of information and resources related to servicing and repairing binoculars, that I hope will answer most of your questions and get your optics back into working condition.As far as I have been able to find out pretty much any pair of binoculars can be repaired.You get some companies that specialise in niches like wartime and vintage binocular repairs and then obviously if you have a newer pair that is still under warranty you can get it repaired or even replaced by the manufacturer or distributor themselves.

Optical Repairs has customers in Australia as well as the rest of the world such as the U. Optical Repairs have undertaken work for large organizations like the Australian Maritime Services, Australian Federal Police, the Queensland Government as well as many specialised hospitals and clinics associated with eye disorders both in Australia and around the world.To help I have also listed links to the contact details of a few of the most commonly asked for brands below: If you have a problem with you binoculars, especially if it is just a collimation issue, I recommend trying the companies below, both are based in the UK, but they also tell me that they will accept accept binoculars for repair from all over the world.Opticalia was founded in 2005 and specialises in the repair and service of photographic and specialist optics, like binoculars and scopes.They also welcome all enquiries from the public for the repair of binoculars and scopes.

As well as repairing binoculars, they offer a range of refurbished binoculars as well and are also the UK distributors of Luna Optics Night Vision Products.

The best companies (see below) will be able to give you a free estimate if you request it, but below are some price guides that I have been able to find out for you: Depending on type and complexity of binocular, a straightforward correction of assembly, collimation and test will start at about / £30.