Symantec endpoint manager not updating definitions

23-May-2020 03:18

symantec endpoint manager not updating definitions-7

updating xml with php

Fix ID: 4116464 Symptoms: File system access delays if the user ID to username resolution requires contacting a remote server such as LDAP.

Delays also occurs if username caching, such as NSCD, runs and the caching service makes a filesystem request.

Solution: Implemented a new method to add an SSL certificate to the LUX data store, and to download the certificate from the server if the HTTPS protocol is selected for Live Update.

Solution: Fixed the installation type options in the Client Install Settings.

Fix ID: 4118598 Symptoms: Kernel warnings generate when you access an NFSv4 share with Symantec Endpoint Protection client for Linux installed, and possibly during other activities.

Solution: Corrected the wrong type conversion for file lengths in Sym EFA.

Fix ID: 4134414 Symptoms: Scheduled Active Directory synchronization fails every time it runs.Solution: Allow domain import even if there are missing files inside the original export data file.