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09-Nov-2019 20:52

Conversely, no teacher shall exercise academic responsibility over a student with whom he or she has previously had a sexual or romantic relationship.

“Academic responsibility” includes (but is not limited to) teaching, grading, mentoring, advising on or evaluating research or other academic activity, participating in decisions regarding funding or other resources, clinical supervision, and recommending for admissions, employment, fellowships or awards.

Furthermore, such relationships may expose the teacher to charges of misconduct and create a potential liability, not only for the teacher, but also for the University if it is determined that laws against sexual harassment or discrimination have been violated.

Consequently, the University has established the following parameters regarding sexual or romantic relationships with Stanford students: First, because of the relative youth of undergraduates and their particular vulnerability in such relationships, sexual or romantic relationships between teachers and undergraduate students are prohibited – regardless of current or future academic or supervisory responsibilities for that student.

Martin Abraham, professor of civil/environmental and chemical engineering and former provost at Youngstown State University, in Ohio, has been named provost and academic vice president at Western Illinois University. Alexander, vice president for academic affairs at Hope International University, in California, has been named president there.

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However, the policy covers all sexual and romantic relationships involving individuals in unequal positions, even if not addressed explicitly in what follows.Once a way to belittle freshmen, the practice now helps build relationships.

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