Skype contact status not updating

14-Jan-2020 19:16

I’ve written about this before so if you’re not comfortable with the Begin…End part of this code, you can read up on it.

We get a handle to the SDK again, and then to : private void Update Status(Contact Availability new Status) private void End Publish Contact Information(IAsync Result ar) Now that we’ve done that, all we have to do is wire this call up to our two button clicks: private void btn Set Busy_Click(object sender, Event Args e) private void btn Set Available_Click(object sender, Event Args e) Run the project again, and you should see that when you click the buttons, presence is updated in the client: If Derek’s question has interested you about using the Client SDK, why not have a look at some of the other resources I have for you: And if you’re new to Thought Stuff, welcome!

A great place to start is the Start Here page which introduces you to everything I have to offer you to help you be awesome at Skype for Business Development.

Today, let’s tackle a tiny-but-frustrating issue…Skype for Business contact photos.

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Skype for Business vs Lync 2013: It’s confusing, but there is no Skype for Business Client SDK.You can add as many items into the dictionary as you wish – we’re only going to add one, called Availability, which represents the presence.private void Update Status(Contact Availability new Status) Actually publishing the new information is a two-stage process, because of the asynchronous way that Skype for Business works.) you should see this in the Console window of Visual studio.

Right at the bottom of the Console window you can see Signed In – this is the current state of my Skype for Business client: We’re ready to write the code to change presence.If you want to just see the fix that worked for us, skip to “Troubleshooting Point 3” below.

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