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27-Jul-2020 12:00

And if you want to understand how this scam works, the Better Business Bureau has Sunmola’s entire email script online. In 2016, mobile device usage first surpassed desktop usage.

Scammers have adapted their means to fit the omnipresence of smart devices.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve received a number of calls from people (friends, family, clients, and a couple concerned wives) who ask me about a text message they received – supposedly from a girl who wants to hookup. In the text message, the “girl” sends a photo similar to the one above (there are variants – so far I’ve seen two of them with the same girl) along with a caption (which also varies, but is) similar to: Note the imperfect English and poor grammar, a red flag for a foreign scam.

This scam is so new that there is almost no information on the internet about it in particular. Most of the investigators at our agency are former federal agents.

If you receive this text message, don’t reply to it. Martin is a former supervisory Federal agent, and the owner of Martin Investigative Services.

That only marks you as a real person that can targeted in the future. While an anti-phishing act was established back in 2005, there is often very little that law enforcement can do to combat these attacks. He oversees 22 male and female private investigators, many of whom are former agents with the FBI, DEA, IRS and Secret Service.

This is a The perpetrator is providing bait (the promise of sex) in order to extort the mark into providing money or personal data. This scam is actually very similar to an email-based phishing scam run by a man named Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola.

“Hardly ever do I comment on a hot chick’s pic just cuz they are hot, cuz they literally don’t care,” he says. “Instagram is so ego-centric however you spin it, and no girl is ever going to really be like, ‘oh no, how dare he pat my ego.’ I just do it if a chick looks good. In fact, some guys even said that they’d only comment on a girl’s photo if they saw things getting serious between them or thought they had a chance.Andreas said he rarely comments unless it’s a good friend, and Justin said he hardly comments unless he’s drunk and “really feeling the pic.” Alex, 22, says he avoids commenting on photos because it makes him look thirsty before he even gets a shot.“I usually I don’t comment on anyone’s IG unless we’re friends in real life,” he says. Have a good day.'” It’s kind of funny that guys think girls’ actions are just as ego-motivated as their own, but that’s another topic. If not then, hey, we might have a dope conversation or lead to something.” Basically, if a dude comments on your pic, there’s a good chance he means it.Some guys claim they like pretty much everyone’s photos, but many admit they’re much more apt to like a pic if it’s a girl that they’re attracted to.

“I’m very selective with my likes,” says Andreas, 25.

Your device likely has the ability to report a message as spam, and/or block the sender. Unfortunately, I have the unsettling feeling that this is only the beginning of a much larger trend of personal attacks on individual Americans.