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29-Nov-2019 04:45

but i know my hormones are playing a big part in this too?please help x just thought, he sometimes gets dirty emails from his friend could that somehow then make him get emails from other sites, it worries me they are all about chatting, meeting,etc not just plain old porn.Dp does look at porn sometimes which I hate and when I found these emails I went up the wall with him as I truly believed he was cheating.He denied all knowledge of these sites and these emails and after reading this now I think these are probably just spam, not going to stand for it and this is the last time i give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Here are some reasons: His email is in plain view on the internet somewhere and has been harvested by a spambot You have spyware on your PCHis email has been bought by a spammer and past onto other spammers.

feeling a bit better about it nowthanks Hotmail is a bloody nightmare for spam, and you do get emails like that coming through from time to time.

I think it's more likely what Victoria Scrumptious said and would give him the benefit of the doubt. I've found the same sort of thing on dp email as well.

i am insecure and suspicious and paranoid but its because of things like this that keeps it going and now im back to feeling like i have to check up on him and try to catch him out?

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it isnt healthy and not good for my stress or the relationship.

now normally these messages when you click on them are to a totally diff email address than the one they have come through on so i do accecpt they are just crap.