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This screen should not be confused with the Hexfield viewscreen, which usually only receives transmissions from non-Deep 13 sources.Cambot also watches the movies while recording the guys watching the movies.The next step is to learn how to manage your Bot Service.

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When Joel or another character requests to see Rocket Number 9 (the ship-mounted camera that supposedly allows the crew to see the ship's exterior and anything in its vicinity), it's Cambot who provides the image.Although a number of episodes depict Joel/Mike, Crow, and Tom reacting as if traumatized by a particularly bad movie, Cambot suffered a severe reaction only once, weeping when several security cameras were systematically destroyed by the hero in episode 620, Danger!! (This was signified by a watery effect over the camera lens.) Another rare case of Cambot interacting during a movie segment came in episode 202, The Side Hackers, when Cambot added an ESPN-like mock scorecard on one side of the screen during one of the movie's race scenes.At the end of episode 401, Space Travelers, a letter suggested Cambot be featured more; Joel said this would be impossible as Cambot nodded agreement (the camera moved up and down).When the opening was reshot for season two, Cambot was redesigned to look much more like a video camera.

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In a drawing fellow 'bot Gypsy once presented in episode 507, I Accuse My Parents, of the Satellite of Love crew (her "ideal family"), Cambot's body was shown as long and snakelike, not unlike Gypsy's.All three family members are built on the same proven pedestal base, which features the industry’s best floor repeatability, fast and easy targeting, and a straightforward design that provides years of reliable, low-maintenance operation.