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03-Sep-2020 07:50

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It’s increasingly common for journalists to repost all their articles on blogs, but the breadth of Mc Millan’s subject matter sets her site apart.

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Particularly unique: their occasional feature focusing on creative Southsiders.

It’s essentially a magazine blog, with book recommendations and personal posts sitting alongside interviews with Scottish artists, designers, bloggers and other imaginative souls, and interactive workshopping posts.

Mc Laughlin is no catchphrase-spouting self-help guru, though.

A lynchpin of one of Scotland’s most fervent scenes.

(HB)The most recent start-up in our list, Milo Mc Laughlin’s fascinating blog does exactly what it says on the tin: it helps creative people stay focused and, er, clear-minded.

(HB)The Scottish Book Trust provides a hugely valuable service to readers and writers across Scotland, as well as to the literary identity of the country; it feels appropriate that their online wing should be an equally outstanding resource.