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19-May-2020 08:01

saveorupdate is not updating-34

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With transaction employee object is tracked for any changes, thats why in last call there is no update in Employee table even though the value was changed in between, final value remains same. Transaction; import com.journaldev.hibernate.model. After committing save Or Update transaction ***** Notice that without transaction, only Employee gets saved and address information is lost. Hibernate Util; public class Hibernate Update Example Hibernate: select employee0_.emp_id as emp_id1_1_0_, employee0_.emp_name as emp_name2_1_0_, employee0_.emp_salary as emp_sala3_1_0_, address1_.emp_id as emp_id1_0_1_, address1_.address_line1 as address_2_0_1_, address1_as city3_0_1_, address1_.zipcode as zipcode4_0_1_ from EMPLOYEE employee0_ left outer join ADDRESS address1_ on employee0_.emp_id=address1_.emp_id where employee0_.emp_id=?

Employee save called without transaction, id=149 Hibernate: insert into ADDRESS (address_line1, city, zipcode, emp_id) values (? If you understand the hibernate mechanism clearly, it doesn’t execute the SQL statements directly to manipulate the database, hibernate itself a state maintaining mechanism.