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13-Oct-2019 13:05

By 1972, Mullin was 25 and had moved back in with his parents in Felton, California (located in the Santa Cruz Mountains).By now he was hearing voices in his head that told him an earthquake was imminent, and that only through human sacrifice could he save California.Later he expressed fears that he was homosexual, even though he had a longtime girlfriend at the time.In 1969, at the age of 21, Mullin allowed his family to commit him to a mental hospital.On October 13, 1972, Mullin beat Lawrence "Whitey" White, a homeless man, to death with a baseball bat.White, 55, had been hitchhiking on Highway 9 and Mullin struck him down after tricking him into looking at the car engine.Shortly after graduating from San Lorenzo Valley High School, however, one of his best friends was killed in a car accident, and Mullin was devastated.

She gave him Gianera's new address, which was on Western Drive in Santa Cruz.

Mullin's birthday, April 18, was the anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which he thought was very significant.

Mullin believed that the Vietnam War had produced enough American death to forestall earthquakes as a sort of blood sacrifice to nature, but that with the war winding down by late 1972, he would need to start killing people in order to have enough deaths to keep the earthquake away.

Mullin was to claim later that the victim was Jonah from the Bible, and that he had sent Mullin a telepathic message saying, "Pick me up and throw me over the boat.

Kill me so that others will be saved." The next victim was Mary Guilfoyle, 24, a Cabrillo College student who was running late for an interview and decided to hitchhike. Mullin picked her up and stabbed her through the chest and the back.This rejection fueled Mullin's paranoid delusions of conspiracies, behind which he believed was a powerful group of hippies.

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