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“If a man figures out that he can just as easily live with a woman outside of marriage, why would he propose? So Varra runs another class called "How to be a Better Lover." She says the most efficient way of getting a proposal is through a deliberate dose of flattery and sexual intrigue, ideally at the same time.

So in Step 3, the infamous “When to Have Sex” question, she suggests women should play hard-to-get. “If a man wants sex on the first date it means he doesn’t want you, he wants sex,” said Varra.

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Our online dating website offers you a unique opportunity to meet single ladies from all over the Eastern Europe. Best Russian Woman company has been connecting lonely hearts since 1997.But the number of men is declining even more dramatically.Russian women today outnumber men by 10.5 million, primarily due to high male mortality rates fueled by heart disease, accidents and alcoholism, all made worse by dramatic socioeconomic changes in post-Soviet Russia. Only a fraction of the men who are still alive aren’t violent, impoverished or addicted to alcohol, Varra claims.They know how to take good care of themselves and their men and kids, how to keep the house cozy and how to make her man feeling as a most important person in her life.

Family is a priority for the Russian woman, and the Russian lady is good at house keeping.

Yet, to many Russian women this is still a better option than settling for an indebted drunk.” It all adds up to a pretty bleak situation for Russian women.