Romi klinger dating a man

22-May-2020 23:14

AE: You share some commonalities with a new cast member, Lauren, You both dated Kelsey and are into making jewelry. I still continue to work with Love and Pride and I have a small collection on his site. He’s definitely a musical partner and somebody from my past that is welcomed back into my life and we’re doing an album together.It’s handmade, all done by me; handmade, in my little house. RK: I’m working on music and I’m doing a record right now with Dusty and you’ll get to see a lot of that on the show as well. AE: Do you think you’ll only date men from now on or would you ever date another woman?RK: It was really heartbreaking to go through that, especially with Sara.We were very, very, very close and grew apart and it’s always heartbreaking to see people in your life that you thought were going to be around forever just kind of grow apart.RK: I don’t think it has to really do with me dating a guy. And just like my line Casa Por Vida, we give 10 percent to Corazon which is helping families in Mexico.I think that, like I said, there’ve been some personal issues and because I’m dating a guy it’s the easiest way to get others to judge me. You guys saw on the last season I was doing this in a way to dedicate to my father so we’re just keeping it going.So I’m just back to opening myself back up to both sexes right now.

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Not that I didn’t date men in the past — I just had primarily been with more women over the past few years.AE: On the first episode Kelsey looked surprised to see photos of you and Jay together. I left a girlfriend of mine for a very long time for him and nobody that knows me should be surprised.