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19-Feb-2020 03:30

Something that always interested me about this application was that how it was only available for PC users and was not compatible with Mac. There are however, successful dating applications on Facebook such as the Zooskers application by with over 7 million monthly active users.The only other dating website to take a stab on launching a Facebook application has been Perfect who’s application runs much smoother than the applicaiton but has not really picked up any speed. This application has also seen a lot of success on Bebo and Hi5 and their website has been growing rapidly as well.It is very cool that you can meet people in your area. Say what you will, but I actually managed to meet single girls by using the browse profile feature on Facebook (now deeply hidden) and poke all of the hot girls that came up on the results page. They could see my profile after I poke them and I can tell they might be interested if they poked back.

Imagine how easy would it be for someone to join if there was Facebook Connect?

For now, users aged 18 and older in Colombia will be able to create dating profiles and, once those reach a critical mass, find some matches.