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Radiometric dating depends on the chemistry and ratios of different elements. Take, for example, zircon, which is a mineral; its chemical formula is Zi Si O 4 , so there is one zirconium Zi for one silicon Si for four oxygen O.One of the elements that can stand in chemically for zircon is uranium.A particular isotope of a particular element is called a nuclide. That is, at some point in time, an atom of such a nuclide will spontaneously change into a different nuclide by radioactive decay.The decay may happen by emission of particles usually electrons beta decay , positrons or alpha particles or by spontaneous nuclear fission , and electron capture.A mass spectrometer is an instrument that separates atoms based on their mass.Because geochronologists want to measure isotopes with different masses, a mass spectrometer works really well for dating things.Nuclear chemists and geologists use a different kind radiometric dating wiki figure to show all of the isotopes.

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Most estimates of the age of the earth come from dating meteorites that have fallen to Earth because we think that they formed in our solar nebula very close to the time that the earth formed.As it ages, some of its uranium decays to thorium This has been done for the "Methuselah of trees", the radiometric dating wiki pine trees, which grow very slowly and live up to 6, years.The method relies on two separate decay chainsthe uranium series from Swinger public sex to Pb, with a half-life of 4.Radiometric dating is also used to date archaeological materials, including ancient artifacts.

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Radiometric dating methods are used to establish the geological time scale.

Radiometric dating is the use of radioactive and radiogenic those formed from the decay of radioactive parents isotopes isotopes are atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons in their nuclei to determine the age of something.

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