R zac efron and taylor swift dating

22-Sep-2019 03:03

Britney Spears was on the brink of her meltdown; the Nintendo Wii just dropped, leading the revolution for motion controls; oh, and a small little indie flick just dropped called was massive in terms of popularity and the film was responsible for two important things: Delivering a culture shock in which everyone took a side of loving the film or hating it.But Efron had the charm and looks of a clichéd boy band, and just like most boy bands, his time in the limelight seemed to be fizzling out.Now with an exotic name like Candice Swanepoel, you would hope this chick has an equally glamorous job to match her unique name, and if you figured all that then you’d be right!As you might’ve been able to tell by the picture, Swanepoel uses her stunning good looks as a model, and she’s best known for her work as a Victoria Secret fashion model. 28 abs himself, Zac Efron found himself romantically involved with a supermodel (God, I thought my jealousy couldn’t reach these heights).

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Well, there’s not much information to go off here, but shortly after Efron’s split with Vanessa Hudgens there were rumors going around that Efron and Palmer were caught locking lips in a Hollywood club.

When Zac was asked for more details about his entry, he replied back only with a devious smile not giving us any more insight as to what happened.

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