Ptr updating setup files

27-Dec-2019 06:59

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If you are determined to use bind9 and isc-dhcp server then carry on. I start off with a minimal Ubuntu desktop install with MATE.

This is all tried and tested out in a test Networking Lab with Virtual Box.

If it didn't, you might try looking in the DNS event log on the server to see if there are any issues there.

I'm not sure if it would say whether or not a client failed to register or not, but may show you other issues with DNS if they exist. I believe you have a permissions error, I had a similar issue and although the how to was directed at Windows Server 2012.

To check, right-click your DHCP scope and go to properties.

This article covers the default security settings for DNS zones: the settings are jacked up (or even if they are fine), you might try just blowing away the reverse zone and recreating it since you basically have a non-functioning reverse zone as it is...

Try running an "ipconfig /registerdns" on one of the clients and see if it adds a record to the reverse zone.

I'm very interested in the user-space RCU (read-copy-update), and trying to simulate one via tr1::shared_ptr, here is the code, while I'm really a newbie in concurrent programming, would some experts help me to review?

The basic idea is, reader calls get_reading_copy() to gain the pointer of current protected data (let's say it's generation one, or G1).The configuration files for bind9 are cryptic and not particularly intuitive.