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16-Jun-2020 04:26

Even with Annie Sloan, two coats are usually required for full, even coverage.This was what the first rough, wet coat looked like.(: I tried Beyond Paint with a roller on this outdoor patio table, as they recommend, and it definitely gives it more texture, sort of bumpy, but not in a bad way.

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And in the lower right hand corner there was a number and a letter corresponding to the year the prefix indicated.

The piece needs to be repaired on the side, though.

I had this Anthropologie knob laying around from an old project and decided to use it.

In my limited experience, a teal stripe such as yours would date from 1990 on.

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Your serial # 1A-05016114 still follows the system used throughout the 80s, and apparently into the early 90s.This gorgeous Beyond Paint project was when I repurposed my son’s old toddler bed into a potting bench, using their Poppy color, which was so fun and bright!