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20-Apr-2020 05:08

The New York Times partnered with WBUR to share real stories about the love and the losses people face.

Each week you’ll be able to listen to a new episode about the essays found in the NYT Modern Love column.

Listen here: Modern Love If you’re struggling to accept things that happened in past relationships, then this is the podcast for you.

Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed, the hosts of Dear Sugars, help their listeners gain closure for previous relationships.

Listening to Modern Love will leave you with a lesson you’ll be able to use in your relationship.

Yes, rejection may still sting, but it will not break you. Finding a connection on a date is much more productive than finding out the other person is equally as attracted to you. This is especially significant for women, who are socialized to take a more passive stance when it comes to dating. The worst that can happen is that you will dodge a bullet and be one step closer to finding someone worthy of your love. Eliminate the word “perfection” from your dating vernacular. When someone tells you something about themselves, listen.

Happy hour typically occurs during the week from 5 to 7 p.m.

and is an easy (and affordable) way to enjoy a mid-week date.

“If you aren’t out there on awkward dates that go nowhere, sending emails that don’t get returned, or having to end things after a few dates because you realize this isn’t the right person for you, then you aren’t getting a step closer to finding love.” Let yourself fail, she advises, “Then dust yourself off and get right back in there. ”all sound and good advice but it seems to me that for a person to be able to actually effectively apply (rather than simply agree with and understand) most of them that individual would have to be more evolved than 80% of the population.

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Whether you’re in a relationship or going through a rough patch, all of us want a little bit of romance every now and then, especially on Valentine’s Day.

In the search for a partner, there is no such thing as perfect. As cliché as it may sound, our “flaws” are what make us beautiful. “You’re not shopping for a pair of jeans.” She advises daters to take a minute to look beyond physical characteristics and ask: Who are they? Debunk the myth of playing “hard to get.” Somehow the idea came to be that aloofness and playing “hard to get” will lead to a healthy, loving connection. Would you apply caring less to any other area in your life? “If you were looking for a job, for example, you would return the call.

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