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27-Oct-2019 21:21

In a National Geographic article documenting the late genius’ views on monogamy, we find out Einstein had several extramarital affairs and was quite the charismatic wooer.

Einstein refused to accept that humans are wired for monogamy and, according to the article, even adopted a type of free spirited love when it came to matters of exploring the libido.

reported a survey that said 68 percent of married women who cheat choose younger men because they perform better in the bedroom.

Fair enough, sexual satisfaction is not just a man’s hunt as Mr.

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what is monogamous dating

Dare we say, the idea of wives who cheat is now an act of empowerment in some circumstances? What is the origin story of married women who want to cheat?

To be blunt, married women who are feeling emotionally neglected might certainly turn to an affair for renewed vigor in life.

Some common emotional reasons for an extramarital affair includes the feeling of an unfulfilled (sexless) marriage, marrying too early, no more connection with a spouse and the sheer motive of revenge because of the man’s transgressions.

Now insert the fascination for online affair services and the outlet this provides for both the wife that wants to cheat with new partners and the husband who is looking to "find cheating housewives near me" - and the options are as bright as a beacon.

The internet even provides more novelty arrangement by mainstream standards. We bond deeply in highly exhilarating moments, right?Sexually frustrated wives don’t seem to wear signs in shopping malls.

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