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20-Sep-2019 01:25

If the deal went forward, the property would become the flagship of the new hotel line.

Bruno Borrione, an interior designer who has worked for Starck for twenty years, and who designed all the Ian Schrager hotels with him, sat at the head of the table. E.’s vice-president of development, says, “Sam doesn’t wait for a deal to come to him.

“We could relocate MTV Europe, Universal Music Europe, everything Europe.

That’s about three and a half years out, and it’s just to help master-plan the whole thing and bring these guys architects and designers, and we’re thinking about making it a whole green, environmentally friendly environment.” Later, he remembered to say that he was talking those architects, not yet to them.

of a restaurant-hotel-club-and-film group in Los Angeles, is six feet four and heavily cologned, with meaty cheeks and a soul patch.

A., owns a night club, Shelter, on the Sunset Strip, and another, Prey, in West Hollywood, and a pan-Asian restaurant, Yu, in Santa Monica.

“I made my whole career here by taking weird, quirky, run-down restaurants and making them work, not by taking multi-million-dollar spaces designed by Philippe Starck,” Bolthouse said. He owns fifteen black sports cars, including a Porsche Carrera GT (“This is one of the fastest cars in the world. It does zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds”) and a Ferrari F430 (“This car you can probably get up to one-twenty in eight seconds”).Nazarian’s exuberance in promoting unrealized plans both small and grand is natural to Los Angeles, a city founded by boosters and conjurers.