Mouseover intimidating shout macro

18-Feb-2020 05:20

Garwulf: Considering the fast pace of Pv P and the need for split-second timing, I imagine you use a lot of keybindings for your various abilities.

Also, Focus Fire will most of the time be at 5 stacks, but also grants my pet focus.

Also, I am curious as to why you macro Focus Fire with Cobra Shot?

Why not manually activate it when needed, or when it’s fully buffed at 5 stacks?

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath /stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Focus Fire /use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Conquest /cast Call of the Wild /cast Roar of Recovery /use Unsolvable Riddle/stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Deterrence /use item:58489 /use item:64361 /use item:64881 /use item:28788 /use item:44430 /use item:64383 /use item:64358 /use [target=Garxz] the heartbreaker /use item:64399 /use item:63359 Enjoy.

Failed a bit on having Bestial Wrath and Focus Fire in same earlier but everyone makes mistakes ^^.

I find Killing Streak a lot more useful than having 10 more focus — it doesn’t give me anything to have 10 more focus if I’m always below 100 anyway.

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