Mount st helens carbon dating

21-May-2020 05:50

Ian Juby hosts a periodic show on You Tube called, “Genesis Week.” His humor is a little campy but, overall, I find his videos interesting.The full video (self titled, Rant #100), can be viewed here but I've edited it down to the relevant section below.Furthermore, many geochronology laboratories do not have the expensive state-of-the-art equipment to accurately measure argon in samples that are only a few million years old." This is a real problem for evolutionists.1) If a rock of unknown date tests to be 3 million years old, how can we be sure it's not only 50,000 years old?For example, an age of 0.5 ± 1 million years is not considered either accurate or terribly useful, even though it is correct. First, it's still relevant to the debate because secular scientists still resort to these same arguments whenever their tests fail to accurately date rocks of known ages.

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Was the 1980 eruption triggered by an injection of magma into an upper crustal reservoir? How did magma rise into the edifice without producing detectable seismicity deeper than ∼2.5 km or measurable surface deformation beyond the volcano’s north flank?

By your own admission, accurate dates cannot be given for samples under 2 million years old.

2) If the world truly was created only 6,000 years ago, you must acknowledge your dating methods would be WORTHLESS in trying to establish that.

Seemingly enigmatic observations can be explained on an ad hoc basis, but a lack of hard constraints limits most of those explanations to plausibility arguments.

This paper explores the current state of knowledge, highlights some unresolved issues, and offers suggestions for ways to move forward both at Mount St. The emphasis is on seismic and geodetic information, reflecting the author’s background in geophysics; lesser amounts of geochemical and petrologic evidence are cited where pertinent.

Did additional magma accumulate in the reservoir between the end of the 1980–1986 eruption and the start of the 2004–2008 eruption? What is the significance of a relative lull in seismicity and surface deformation for several years prior to the 2004–2008 eruption onset? Available at: https://gov/pp/1750/chapters/pp2008-1750_chapter22Google Scholar Mc Causland, W.