Intimidating shout glyph

20-Feb-2020 04:36

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In other words, casting Thunder Clap 3 times within a given Demoralizing Shout cast will extend that Demoralizing Shout by 6 seconds.

Any additional Thunder Clap casts after the third do not extend the duration.

Consistency of survivability is extremely important for tanks.

In other words, you are always going to pick a spec-specific trait in this ring.

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As such, you will want to have 1 Deafening Crash trait and no more.

If you are in a situation where your health rarely drops below 50%, another trait should be picked.

provides a flat amount of Mastery, increased by the number of allies that also have this trait, up to 4 additional allies.

grants you a sizable absorb when your health drops below 50%. Your damaging abilities also have a chance to cause Frost damage to your target.

If your health is consistently dropping below 50%, that likely means you are in a situation where you need the survivability, in which case this trait not only provides a solid amount of absorb on average, but it also is likely to proc at a time when you will actually make use of it.This is a significant increase to Demoralizing Shout uptime and therefore survivability.

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