How to diet while dating

05-Jun-2020 22:46

You will have to take it a step further and take care of your diet in order to lose weight. A regular exercise routine and a healthy diet is your route to salvation.

I’m following a Indian diet myself by a leading dietician.

You must be thinking that the diets given by the dieticians are personalized then how can we all follow the same diet routine with our different weights and blood groups.

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Before starting the diet weigh yourself and write it down somewhere.You must wake up latest by ( that’s for the late risers, even I used to wake up by 10 or 11).This is the most important thing in your routine because the body has its own clock and you shouldn’t mess with it.When I first went to this dietician, he told me to get some blood tests done.

Like thyroid checkup, blood sugar, serum insulin in my case since I have PCOD.

am – 1 toast (brown bread) with amul lite butter / hung curd dressing/ salad and chutney am – one fruit of your wish pm – A small plate of salad before starting the meal.