Grandparent dating service

11-Jul-2020 00:50

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Whether they prefer bird watching, gardening, golfing or playing poker, they'll enjoy the opportunity to spend time with you and the chance to share a favorite pastime.

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Dedicate the day to learning more about the past and listen carefully to your grandparents' stories.

Even spending a few moments of silence remembering them and times you shared together can make the day special.

Lighting a candle is a very symbolic gesture, and it's a lovely way to pay homage your grandparents.

A few hours of your time can mean a lot, and you never know how many more holidays you may have together.

If you can't visit in person, your grandparents would still love to hear your voice. This gives you all an opportunity to catch up on what's going on in your lives. Take the grandparents out for a day at the park, the zoo, or the movies.Ask everyone to bring their favorite photos to share, and set a special place at the table for each grandparent to show he or she is still present in spirit, if not in person.