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This relationship could've been portrayed as a courtship of convenience or a way of disguising Elio’s true feelings, but instead, director Luca Guadagnino gives a nuanced insight into sexual fluidity and how desire can take different forms.This includes being drawn to two different people at once, in entirely different ways, and is set in idyllic northern Italy, and Elio's home has an open door policy; all summer long, there's swimming, sunbathing and dinners that last for hours, with family, friends, and guests all welcome.Their bond is more than just the casual fling, and the film expertly underscores the complex feelings that come with first love and lust.

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Louis Garrel a imaginé le personnage d'Abel comme quelqu'un d'innocent et constamment émerveillé.It's a love triangle with unequal sides, and reinforces the notion of sexual fluidity within the story.