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Contact our expert sales team for advice by phone, or by using our online chat on 08.

Are you refurbishing your office or moving to new premises?

Our CAD team can help you plan your office to make sure you find the perfect solution to fit your space.

We can also arrange to install your furniture for a hassle free solution.

Don't forget to factor in additional space around the desk if extra chairs are likely to be needed for visitors.

You may think that packing employees in is more important than creating space, but a workplace with lots of room is often a more inviting and motivating area than one where chairs are constantly nudging up against each other.

It is important to make sensible decisions on every single purchase, which is where a buying guide can come in handy.

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There are several different things to bear in mind when purchasing desks for your office.Have you already started searching for desks online, only to be met by pages and pages of desks in different shapes and styles, which have left you completely confused?There is so much choice these days, with different styles of desks to suit different purposes. Choose from thousands of different types and styles of office desks.

Matching storage is available for all of our desk ranges including cupboards, filing cabinets, pedestals and bookcases.You need to have room for people to push their chairs back in order to stand up, without crashing into somebody who may be walking past or the desk behind them.