Dyndns not updating advantages to consolidating school districts

10-Oct-2019 16:00

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The average home user doesn't have a need for dynamic DNS that doesn't involve running some kind of server, which we all know isn't allowed on residential accounts.

This is why I said Verizon would likely never be up for making it work; if anything they have a reason to go through and remove that from the menu the same way they made the UPn P page disappear and non-functional even when directly accessed.

If you call that number it tells you that only a Verizon Technician can initiate a conference call with actiontec support -_- I started checking other clients and so far out of the 5 clients with Verizon FIOS routers, all 5 are failing to update dyndns.

I've checked with our Time Warner and Cablevision customers and they work as expected so it is either a Verizon problem or an Actiontec problem, neither of which have good support.

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But I'll contact them and find out if they know why.I contacted Dyndns and they said it was nothing on their side.