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15-Jul-2020 06:43

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My thing was, why the hell can't the dog wait until we finish our date, then you go and walk him.She explained that her dog was on a schedule and she didn't want to break it. I don't do pets like that." I'm no Michael Vick, but I hated that damn dog.Girl #1: During our first phone conversation, I heard her dog bark in the background. Regardless, I had a problem with her DOGGY HYGIENE.One day while walking the dog on the dirty streets of D.C.; he took a dump and whizz in the the bushes, then we returned to her apartment.As we walked back into the house, the dog ran passed us into her bedroom.

Here are four sensible ones that I could use, even though they wanted to remain anonymous.

I asked her if she could take them to a dog school to learn not to scratch. She said her dogs were her babies and she didn't want to change them. She has two, but the largest one always sleeps in the same bed with her. She said she didn't have to ever worry about the dogs leaving her for another woman.

Before sex, she would tell the dogs to get off the bed, but then they would go under it and not leave the room. When I'm in bed with a woman, I want it to be just the two of us. If dogs are more loyal, why is it that, when men cheat, they call us dogs'?

One Christmas, her mom invited all of us over for dinner. Her mom said, "You not about to bring that damn dog around my food." My girl got offended and said she wasn't going.

I finally convinced her to go and we all had a good time. I know there are some ladies who feel the same about men with pets as well. I have a a lot of friends who take good care of their pets.

There have been times she made sure the dog had something to eat before me.