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Purple Pills (parts 1&2)- Fiona stresses about testifying against Bobby, so she drinks champagne instead of taking prescribed anxiety medication.

At the same time, Riley wonders if he was right to come out of the closet when a football scout from a major university visits Degrassi. All Falls Down (parts 1&2)- Degrassi ends its daily summer run with an hour-long event that leads to a school lockdown.

This season picks up right where it left off, with the rising sophomores (who have gained 2 new characters) and seniors, along with graduate Peter Stone. He moved to New York City, but is still a main character and attended Degrassi last semester.

Fall 2008 and winter 2009 are covered in this season. (former villain; current hero) Fiona Coyne- Declan's twin sister.

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At the same time, Chantay pushes Snake to the breaking point when Powersquad is canceled.

S.) will go where no other soap opera has gone before. What a Girl Wants (parts 1&2)- Both Alli and Holly J. And Fiona's new beau is a cheater..maybe something much, much worse. Also, Alli tries to get at Drew, while Clare gets her mind off of home problems by befriending Eli.

Breakaway (parts 1&2)- Jenna spreads rumors about Clare; the Student Council president is determined; Fiona tells Declan that Bobby Beckonridge is abusive, but he has trouble believing her. I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself (parts 1&2)- Sav wants to be thought of as responsible, but he makes bad choices.

Halo (parts 1&2)- Degrassi's last episode of the fall semester.

Fiona doesn't show up to the party Adam planned; Wes gets his date with Anya; and Jenna considers rekindling things with K.

When Drew finds himself attracted to Bianca, he puts his relationship at risk. and Sav get very intimate in the drama classroom at the Night in Vegas Dance, and things get dangerous when Eli competes with Fitz for Clare.

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