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Before we get to those, let’s review a few general guidelines for dating discourse: Listen as much or more than you talk.The two pick at their dinner salads, staring down at the leafy mound before them.All the observable and obvious clues: They are nicely groomed—stylish, but not overdone.As would-be romances go, this plane is very slow to leave the gate and get onto the runway.There is a saying that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” With that in mind, it is vital to be fully prepared to make a great impression on each date you go on.If she insists, allow her to pay what she wishes (this is not just a rule for dating).

The best communication occurs with an even and equal exchange between two people.

There is a stiff formality to the way they sit—no slouching.

It remains to be seen if it will pick up speed, gain altitude, and soar skyward .

Don’t wait too long (and definitely don’t play hard to get).

Having said that, if you had an awful time, you should still be honest (though not brutal).

We had studied at Queen Mary’s together in 2006, until he left for a different university (UCL) where he completed his masters program.

Then if she isn't willing to help save the marriage, then get a divorce then go looking for another relationship (or series of bed partners)?… continue reading »

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This app will appeal to singles, as well as to people who are in a committed, long-term relationship.… continue reading »

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