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I moved them into a little starter home and let them work until they had like 3 days until the Adult life stage and then adopted Heaven. The only thing I added was a different hairstyle and the eyes. I am now into a legacy home with them, and heaven and her mommy's are totally enjoying the pool, and the beach behind them :)Amber (l) and Holly (r).Have been playing these two lovely gals for over 2 and a half years, and I don't feel like ever abandoning them. Next year they're getting married, and Amber's thinking of getting a job in corporate. Now, heres my new couple, Fay Philips and Oliver Ryder: & Alouette I used the Thick As Thieves pose pack btw : D don't remember what I used for this one :p This is Jase and Monica, my new couple.

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just decided to upload a picture I had for a while, Jack and Rose from Titanic. :lovestruc those default preggo clothes... S5678/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673( S5678/media/Mortyand Bella_zps7f1e673html) Bella: Oh, Morty... I don't usually take pictures of them, but as I finally had the courage to build the entire house (and I'm really happy with it), I took some photos this time.

protected]/8751100258/) 2d ( protected]/8751100258/) by tatygirl90 ( protected]/), on Flickr And this is his twin, Deborah, with her college lad, Kaz. face after their first kiss is adorable farmer sim Pete Marx & his new girlfriend Ellie Baker on their first date : PHere's my couple from Glen Harbor that first settled the town.