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She married [secondly Juhel de Mayenne,] and [thirdly] as his second wife, Walter Fitz Robert of Little Dunmow, Essex.

Her first and [third] marriages are confirmed by a lawsuit recorded in 1194 in which "Matill uxor Walteri fil Robti" sued "Cecilia uxore Rad fil Wigain" over Swereford manor, Oxfordshire, given to her by "Henri de Oilli vir eius…in dote"[1818].

Nn d' Oily and Margery d' Oily Brother of Gilbert d' Oyley, of Hook Norton; Edith Basset and Alice d' Oilly Half brother of Robert Fitz Edith, Baron of Okehampton From Medlands HENRY de Oilly of Hook Norton, Oxfordshire (-1163). de Oileo” founded Oseney Abbey, Oxfordshire, with the consent of “Editha uxore mea et filiis meis Henrico et Gilleberto”, by undated charter[1808].

m as his first wife, MAURICE de Gant, son of ROBERT “Juvenis” de Berkeley & his wife Avice de Gand (-1230). “Henricus de Oilli filius Henrici de Oilli” confirmed donations to Oseney Abbey, Oxfordshire made by "Robertus avus meus et Editha avia mea et Henricus pater meus", with the consent of “Roberti fratris mei”, by undated charter[1831].

The mid-15th century English translation of the cartulary of Oseney records that "Robert Doylly ye sone of Henry Doylly" confirmed the donations to Oseney made by "Robert my beele sire and Edithe my beele Dame and Henry my ffadur and Henry my brother", dated to [1185], witnessed by "Henry Doylly my brother"[1832].

The Red Book of the Exchequer refers to "in perdono Henrico de Oyli i m" in Yorkshire in [1161/62][1813].

The 1164/65 Pipe Roll records "uxor Henri de Oilli" accounting for land in Oxfordshire, presumably indicating that her husband had recently died[1814].Her possible second marriage is confirmed by the Feet of Fines which records the judgment dated in a claim by "Henricus de Bohon…pro Adam de Greiuill" against "Matill de Bohon" concerning land "villa de Waleton…villam de Blakemer" and "in villa de Niweton" given to Matilda "in maritagium quondam Iuhellus de Mee---e"[1819].