Dating websites that cheat

14-Dec-2019 21:34

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Dating sites over the internet has added a whole new dimension to personal relationships.

While on one hand they have enlarged the dating pool and made it easier to search for partners based on certain preferences , the anonymity afforded the Internet has also led to cases of cheating and online affairs.

Thus it is no longer unusual to discover that a partner is conducting an online relationship or at least looking for one, though the growing trend may do nothing to diminish your hurt on discovering that the same thing has happened to you.

If you notice the above signs in addition to some classic symptoms of a cheating spouse like swinging between excessive attention and complete neglect towards you, unexplained absences, disinterest in a shared social life, unnatural secretiveness and perhaps emotional extremes of joy and despair, chances are that your spouse is already engaged in an online relationship through the dating site.

Just like face-to-face affairs may leave a paper trail of movie tickets you never went to as well as credit card bills of phone calls you never made and dinners you never had, similarly you may also be able to pick up some electronic footprints like sites visited in your spouse’s computer or suspiciously empty browser histories.

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Therefore, while it might be argued that online chatting is more or less a "safe" form of cheating, or not cheating at all, it cannot be denied that it has the potential to bring harm to the primary relationship.The fact though remains that any relationship, sexual or non-sexual, which causes a person to become emotionally distant from his or her partner is harmful, and online dating, when one's motives are impure, is not an exception to this rule.Typically, when individuals engage in online relationships, they do so without their partner's knowledge, and they hide what they are doing under a veil of secrecy.I'm open minded very affectionate and I like to have fun and treat...

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In all these ways, this type of online behavior is not unlike that of those who are involved in sexual infidelity.

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